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 Athena certified microblader specializing in permanent makeup ombre eyebrows feather touch eyebrows hair restoration for bald spots and thinning hair.  Fibroblast service blasting those wrinkles and unwanted fine lines hydraulic acid needlees lip filler biorevitalization and  mesotherapy filler painless  . I take my time to perfect those eyebrows to make them flawless enhancing people’s beauty is my pride. As I'm always in search of the latest beauty trends. Priding myself in having versatility as a microblading artist and is able to perform several styles of microblading strokes to achieve the most natural microblading results “I am so happy to serve my clients & and make them feel good about themselves,  restoring their self-esteem and boosting their confidence is a blessing.  

Microblading hair like strokes strategically  placed the second layer of the skin with semi-permanent tattoo ink giving you flawless feather touch brows.

Classic volume 3D lash lash extensions

Luxe Eyelashes Extensions


Scalp pigmentation for all thining hair and bald spots 

Lip Plumping Needless NO PAIN HYALURON PEN



Testimonial from our client

" I went to Athena because I am a cancer patient I have no eyebrows at all she totally restored my brows this was a life-changing experience for me im so happy."


Testimonial from our client

"Athena is the best, I've over tweeze my eyebrows for years and they are thinning she went in and totally restored my eyebrows making them full as if I were 18 again I Am So Satisfied thank you so much Athena."

- Angie


Located in the heart of Allen we offer a convenient and professional location with extensive experience in permanent makeup services whether your preference is soft and natural or you seek dramatic effects are professionals have learned the art of custom blending to achieve the perfect shade and shape