Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Enhance your eyes with long-lasting, smudge-proof eyeliner through Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Eyelash Extension Services

Transform your lashes with our expert Eyelash Extension Services for stunning, voluminous results.

Lash lift

Experience an instant eye-opening effect with our Lash Lift service.

Lip blushing

Revitalize and define your lips with our Lip Blushing service for a natural, long-lasting flush of color.

Brow Lamination

Elevate your brows with our Brow Lamination service for perfectly styled and lifted eyebrows.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Restore confidence with our Scalp Micro Pigmentation service, a non-surgical solution for natural-looking hair density.


Turn back the hands of time with our Botox service for wrinkle-smoothing, youthful skin.

Celebrity Dome Oxygen Treatment

Experience the ultimate in rejuvenation with our Celebrity Dome Oxygen Treatment service for radiant, glowing skin.

Hydro Facial

Revitalize your skin with our Hydro Facial service, the ultimate hydrating and exfoliating treatment.

Anti Aging Facial

Turn back the clock with our Anti-Aging Facial, designed to rejuvenate and restore youthful skin.

Chemical Peel

Reveal a fresh, radiant complexion with our Chemical Peel service for smoother, more even skin.


Elevate your beauty with our Microcurrent service, a non-invasive facial treatment for toned and lifted skin.


Renew your skin’s natural glow with our Microdermabrasion service, a gentle exfoliation for a fresh complexion.

Infrared Light Therapy

Experience healing warmth with our Infrared Light Therapy service, promoting relaxation and pain relief.

High Frequency

Revitalize your skin with our High Frequency service, a non-invasive treatment for acne, fine lines, and more.

Galvanic high frequency

Get glowing skin with our Galvanic High Frequency service, a dual-action treatment for deep cleansing and revitalization.

Permanent Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with our Permanent Hair Removal service for smooth, hair-free skin.

EMS Facial Stimulation

Rejuvenate your face with our EMS Facial Stimulation service, a non-invasive way to tone and firm your skin.


Experience silky-smooth skin with our Waxing service, a quick and effective hair removal solution.

Body Contour

Sculpt and define your body with our Body Contour service for a more toned and confident you.

EMS Fat Reduction

Transform your body with our EMS Fat Reduction service, a non-invasive way to target stubborn fat and achieve a slimmer figure.













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Athena certified microblader specializing in permanent makeup, ombre eyebrows, feather touch eyebrows, hair restoration for bald spots , thinning hair.

Needlees lip filler biorevitalization and  mesotherapy filler painless  . I take my time to perfect those eyebrows to make them flawless enhancing people’s beauty is my pride. As I’m always in search of the latest beauty trends.

Priding myself in having versatility as a microblading artist and is able to perform several styles of microblading strokes to achieve the most natural microblading results “I am so happy to serve my clients & and make them feel good about themselves,  restoring their self-esteem and boosting their confidence is a blessing.  

Licensed Esthetician and cosmetic Injector. 

In Depth Training Theory

Athena Beauty Bar aesthetic training courses provide in-depth information covering theory such explanations, client consultation, pre and post procedure care, precautions, safety, anatomy, technique and much more.

Our master educators perform videos explaining the theory behind every procedure just like you would get with face to face training.

Live Procedure Videos

Our master educators perform live procedure videos on real clients for the most accurate training techniques.

You get up close angles on all of our procedures. Also, if you ever miss anything just go back to what you missed and you can watch it again!

Direct Access To Master Educators

Get help along the way by connecting with our master educators. They are right there along the way to help guide you and give you helpful tips on your practice and procedures.

You will love your online training!

Training Communities

Connect with others in the industry through our WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook community group to share ideas, ask questions and gain knowledge.

It is all about who you know. Our communities are filled with trained professionals in the industry. So connect, and learn!


I am completely in shock about this product Athena Facial cleanser with white willow bark amazing results minimizes pores I give this product in Stars 💓


I am in love with this moisturizer it has regenerated my cells and firmed my skin elasticity has changed and I’ve only been using it for 5 days WOW thanks Athena

Face Cleanser

Athena Beauty lip color is amazing a very good pigment last I’m so glad that I purchased this as well as the moisturizer I have a more youthful glow

Moisturizer and Lips

I posted a review above…but here’s the pics…one without makeup just out of the shower..the other about the leave the house. The boyfriend says I wake up and look like I’m ready to go to work lol! Loving how that works with permanent eyeliner! 🙂

Amy L. / McKinney, TX

Athena was great . She did permanent eyeliner on my upper lids. Happy so far with results

Laurie F. / San Francisco, CA

Athena is absolutely amazing! She is magical, highly recommend everyone who needs work done to go to her. Exceptional in everything she does, Thank you Athena!

Hannah C. / Plano, TX